About us

Who we are

Rostar BG was founded in 2006.

Dynamic trading company, leading distributor of fast moving consumer goods, we are a well prepared and correct partner, with flexible work processes and personal attitude towards each client.

What do we do in business? 


Rostar BG works with retail and wholesale companies, supermarkets, health and organic food shops, restaurants, pastry shops and catering companies from all across the country.

We aim to build and sustain long-term collaborations of mutual benefit with our clients.
Loyalty, trust and security are the base foundations, upon which we build our partnerships.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality goods and services, to be flexible and innovative in order to meet the market’s dynamic demands.


The company portfolio includes a selection of products by world-renowned suppliers. The company does not stop to expand its assortment, while developing its own brands as well; with no compromise in taste and quality. Selected sorts of frozen and fresh meat cuts, Italian cheese, cured meat and sausages, pasta, organic products, olives and olive oil, chocolate, cookies, snacks, jams, toppings and spices are nearly a part of the company’s assortment.

Our Team

Teamwork is key to success; and employees are the most valuable asset a company has. We strongly believe in this moto and therefore constantly develop our team and build a sustainable structure of professionals.

Our team consists of experienced employees, with a sense of balance between the market and our customer needs. For already …. years, with our consistency and hard work, we are a preferred partner to a number of satisfied clients.

Rostar’s success contributes to the sustainable structure: Good team, stable partners and satisfied clients.

What is our role in society?

Rostar BG’s social mission is to contribute to the food revolution by supplying Bulgarian consumers with top quality goods.

Our goal is to provide selected and tested products throughout the market chain, as we strongly believe that access to high quality pure food is of the utmost importance to every human being and every society.